Social Work

Shade Tree Clinic offers free Social Work services to established patients. We provide information to patients and referrals to our community partners for dental, vision, insurance, housing, food, mental health, and early pregnancy resources. Our Licensed Master Social Worker, Shannon Jordan, is available to see patients in clinic on Tuesday evenings. Additional social work department volunteers are available during all clinic hours.

In addition to medical and social work services, Shade Tree Clinic offers free legal guidance to patients. Volunteers are always available in clinic to complete referrals to the Middle Tennessee Medical-Legal Partnership as needed.

Our dental program aims to help our patients access preventive and curative dental services through referrals to our partners in dental health. We then work with patients to ensure that finances are not a barrier to accessing the dental care they need.

If you are interested in receiving free social work advising and/or help with your legal issues during your next appointment, please let the front desk know when you arrive so that they can connect you with our team!